hey there lovebirds!


I know you are sitting somewhere in between the most nervous you’ve ever been and the most excited you’ve ever been.  Trust me, I get it!  You’ve taken the best first step ever by coming here, because you know how crucial a wedding planner is to pulling off the best day ever.

I can best be described as a slightly shorter Leslie Knope.  If you wake up at 3 AM six weeks before your big day and you can’t sleep because you are worried that you chose the wrong napkin fold for your reception tables, I will be there to walk you through it.  I’ve probably already noticed you were having second thoughts about those napkins so I’ll already be prepared with multiple solutions for you (I’ll also probably tell you how awesome you are several times during our conversation).

The bottom line is that as your planner, I got you!  Get in touch so we can chat all about your big day and how I can help you make it the best day ever.  I can’t wait to meet you!